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Biography Sponsorship is a way we ensure that our choice of individuals to be listed on our website is not influenced by the individuals themselves. Selection of individuals for listing in this website “is based on reference value” . Individuals become eligible for listing by virtue of their positions and/or noteworthy achievements that have proven to be of significant value to society. An individual’s desire to be listed is not sufficient reason for inclusion. Similarly, wealth or social position are not criteria.

Listing in our website is absolutely free. However, the cost of biography video creation are offset with funds raised from the individual biography sponsors (Fans Of The Celebrities).

When biographies are sponsored, the name, phone number and email or any other personal contact of the sponsor (depending on their choice) is displayed beneath the video. Sponsoring a celebrity’s biography on our website is an easy way to connect with influential figures that you admire. Just imagine a Celebrity noticing that you’re the sponsorĀ  of his/her biography. You can also sponsor an already listed biography, provided it does not contain the name of any sponsor.

Biography sponsorship has to be renewed on yearly basis at a very minimal cost as we offset the cost of the site maintenance and video updates from such renewals. Failure to renew biography sponsorship after it expires will lead to the deleting of the sponsor’s contact information from the sponsored biography video and making the sponsorship for the video open for any other interested sponsor for another year.

To sponsor a biography, contact us by sending an email to bio@whoswhonigeria.com

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